Ibiza is famous for its beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets, exquisite and delicious gastronomy, parties until sunrise and the white color (Yes, another feature not only perceived by the architecture of the island). Ibiza is famous for its “Adlib fashion" too.

In the early 70’s this concept appeared and includes, besides white color, natural and light fabrics, laces or crochet.
One of the great designers of this fashion is Charo Ruiz. Some days ago presented her spring-summer 2016 collection at the Atzaró Fashion Festival at unique event and we saw what will be the “must” of the next season in Ibiza.

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To create this collection, Charo Ruiz was inspired by the cultural heritage of the island and by distinguished visitors who have come to Ibiza from Impressionism: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Diana Rigg, Salvador Dalí, Jim Morrison or Pink Floyd are some of the names that sounded around the island in its symbolic time and they forge the image of the island as a paradise for international bohemia.

The new collection of this designer uses these references to create garments of great beauty where the lace, transparencies and white color play a leading role.

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In the last years this famous designer has experimented with other colors like black, red or pink too. in this way, she has adapted Ibiza’s fashion to modern times.

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An incredible collection that it could be defined as an anthology full of iconic pieces which remind one the purity of Ibiza and its rural character.

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If you want to know more about this Ibizan brand, check out the web site www.charoruiz.com