Hello from Ibiza!

Today’s post is about Ibiza’s fashion and an appointment that makes the island the center of people who like fashion. A luxury event that Ibiza Luxury Travel didn’t want to miss!

Some months ago I talked about fashion from Ibiza, known as Adlib, and what it means to Ibiza. Natural textures and white color are part of the island’s culture. This is the reason why an Adlib catwalk it is organized every year.

Last 9th, 10th and 11th of June, 35 designers and Ibiza’s brands presented their 2017 summer collections. 3 days of fashion shows that also overlapped with the 45th Anniversary of this consolidated catwalk.

These fashion days began with the first edition of talent competition called AD TALENT. A contest to show the new Balearic values and promote their work in the future. Lorena Sánchez was the winner.

The 26 designers and Ibiza’s brands that participated showed the best of themselves in the collections for 2017. New proposals that could be seen on two catwalks and were Spanish top models with the most international projection, Clara Alonso and Sheila Márquez, were there.

The collections of Beatrice San Francisco, BSF Man Ibiza, Evitaloquepuedas, Giampaolo, Giardina, Ibiza Stones, Ivanna Mestres, Jannine Helbing, K de Kose Kose Privée, Linnea Ibiza, Nanou Couture, Marisa Cela, Rebeca Ramis, Tanit jeans y World Family were presented at the first fashion show. Brands that left a mark thanks to a mix of colors and textures.

The second Adlib fashion show was on June11th with Charo Ruiz, Dira Moda Ibiza, Escola d’Art D’Eivissa, Elisa Pomar, Eva Cardona, Isabel Castellar, Luisa Tur Adlib, Piluca Bayarri, Ibimoda, Tonybonet, Vintage Ibiza y Virginia Vald. 100% Made in Ibiza brands with which you can feel the free spirit of Ibiza.

Elisa’s Pomar Jewelry was matched to one of the most relevant corset designers from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Maya Hansen. On the other hand, Eva Cardona made the headdresses of two designers that succeed in New York catwalk with the brandknown as Siempre Primavera.

Attractive new proposals, full of symbolism that we will see on Ibiza’s streets and beaches next summer. Do you join  Adlib fashion?