We go back to the hippy time!

Do you want to feel the real Ibiza? As when the island was full of hippies and when the famous phrase “Peace & Love” flood the island in positive vibes. It is possible until September 26th in Pacha Ibiza!

Every year, Pacha organizes its recognized Flower Power Party, an event createdin 1980 based on an original idea by Piti Urgell, disc jockey and coowner of the Pacha group, Flower Power icon, a 60’s music refuge and an intergenerational meeting point.

Music is brought by Dj Piti and Victor Nebot is the guest DJ for nights designed to sing, dance, laugh and dress up with flowers. The music is the best! With the best songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

This year the party is every Monday night to start the week with joy. It also launches a new and incredible artistic production that, being always faithful to its identity, sounds like revolution: new costume designs, new decoration, new show and new lighting. Mondays in Ibiza are liven in full colour!

There are more novelties: “Flower Power presents SUPERFLY”, a new room contiguous to the main one that it is dedicated to funky disco which is features by guest DJS like Mr. Doris, Kevin Cutts , Lorcan, Jamie Gittins and Mo’Funk.

Besides, Pacha organizes some pre-parties. Do you remember Benirrás beach in the North of the island? Flower Power invites you every Monday to enjoy the sunset there. What a better way to warm up the engines before heading to Pacha to contemplate the sunset in an evocative surroundingand decorated by the Flower Power team?

I recommend you visiting Ibiza as soon as possible! Here are many plans to have fun!