Happy New Year!

How were your Christmas holidays? I was some days in my city, Santander, in the north of Spain with all of my family. I suppose you spent the days with family too.

The calm times continue on the island. In my opinion too much! But the businesses that remain open during winter always organize events for residents.

In this occasion I will show you another place you should visit if you come to Ibiza. In the last post I spoke about the originality of La Masion d’Elephant. On this, I carry on discovering a place for you, full of uncommon and very remarkable things.

Last January 7th I took my camera and went to Sluiz in Santa Gertrudis. Its entrance catches by surprise everyone. Why? Because off the blue cows that welcome the clients at the entrance of this bizarre place.

Sluiz is a shop with a lot of different kind of articles: furniture, kitchen accessories, decoration elements, clothes… always with an eccentric and eye-catching touch that let you wander hours and hours between its aisles.

I love going there because you always find something that marks the difference with the rest of shops around here: because of the color, shape or the naivity of the creators when they made it. Can you imagine having a feline shaped light, a huge white dog sculpture or a rebel gnome showing you his middle finger decorating your home? Yes, it’s possible in Ibiza!

Sluiz is divided in a few areas: when you enter you find all for home decoration. I assure you can lose your mind! There are so many particular and colorful things that you want to have it all.


To me the novelty this year was an area on the second floor dedicated to gastronomy where you can find wines, tea and typical Spanish and European products.

On this floor, we find a zone where the kitchen is the main theme. There are plates, glasses and all the kitchenware to give a happy, funny and different touch to your home.

Fashion has also a place in Sluiz. For all tastes. The most eccentric garments are combined with other more classic to reach all publics. You will find some clothes that will leave you with your mouth open.

Besides, I choose this day to go to Sluiz because they organized a Vintage Fair with articles for retro lovers.

This is not the only activity they do. During winter you can enjoy other events as Ibiza Food Factory, Glitter Bingo or Sluiz Country BBQ, where gastronomy is the star. It’s important to know that Sluiz has a restaurant and coffee bar and some terraces decorated in Ibiza Style. There you have the opportunity to have a drink while you’re shopping.

There are 3 Sluiz shops in Ibiza: in Santa Gertrudis (the biggest one), the outlet which is situated in Sant Josep Road and the last one open in downtown.

Remember that when you come to the island it’s a must to visit this classic place.