Hi Friends!  What's up? I am excited to tell you how funny Fridays are in Ibiza now! Starting this January, the sound of Dj’s and their music is not the only thing you can listen to in Pacha. Now you can have fun with comedy monologues , concerts of tribute bands and versions of emblematic musicians through all winter . It was necessary to present new events! Even more in winter. The time of peace and enjoyment Ibiza residents. This new proposition is combined with gastronomy. What better proposal? I was in the inauguration last January 6th and I assure you that I didn’t stop laughing and dancing.


The Project was brought up by an events company called Sons of Ibiza. The owners, René Patrick and Miriam Artinian, are also friends of mine. The idea started when they wanted to use one of Pacha famous rooms and transform it into a little Parisian or New-yorker theater from the 1920’s, where they used to fuse gastronomy, humor and music.

Rene and Miriam defined “Los Viernes (Fridays)” as a day of “fun, good food, good vibes and the best energy”. They consider that Fridays in winter have become into an escape a blow off for residents, after all week working : I don’t think there is nothing better than laughing or singing  to get out the accumulated stress.

The offer of “Los Viernes” consists to sum up in the same place: dinner, performance or show and music. Until May 12th while you´re tasting delicious dishes of chef Víctor Martínez , you will enjoy listening funny monologues or live music. Then re-known Dj´s of the island will play the best tracks for you to dance until your body can!


The beginning of this new event was last January 6th and  3 great Spanish comedy artists: Ismael Beiro, José Boto and Javi Sancho started the evening . They were followed by other comedians like: Meugenio, Romeo Arret or The Flaming Shakers,  a group who made versions of “The Beatles” greatest tracks.

“Los Viernes” are a therapy for the public. The event has much work behind it. The positive feedback from people is the best reward for Rene and Miriam and a satisfaction for a job well done.


The gastronomic proposal is: a menu with first and second plate, plus a dessert. You can choose two options with two prices: the first is, without beverages which costs 42€. The second  includes a bottle of water, half wine bottle and coffee and costs 55€.                           

All is delicious! Meat, sushi,“huevos rotos” (eggs with potatoes)…  I get hungry just from remembering!!  Add to this a good atmosphere and you have a complete and perfect evening!

Other Friday evenings will have artists performing like: Quique San Francisco, Toni Moog or Andreu Casanova (famous for stage play “50 shadows of Andreu). Also a famous mentalist will appear. He is going to blow your mind.

Approximately a 1000 people have enjoyed already “Los Viernes” at Pacha Ibiza Disco. Dinner and show in an emblematic place like Pacha.  And you?  What are you waiting for? You will leave from there with a big smile and full of energy!

More info: Sons of Ibiza presenta Los Viernes en Pacha.  https://www.facebook.com/67vip/