Are you ready for a new summer season in Ibiza? The island is totally on fire! One year more it will surprise you.

There are many gastronomic proposals that you will find, but there is one that is something more than just that. I'm talking about Sublimotion, the world's first gastronomic show. Chef Paco Roncero, one of the leading representatives of the culinary avant-garde in Spain, started this project in 2014. This technical and creative innovation is translated not only in a style of cuisine, but also in the way of offering and understanding gastronomy as a unique sensory experience.

Located in the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, it opens this new season combining the most advanced technology with the teamwork of great professionals and Spanish leaders in gastronomy, staging, music, art, design, technology, magic...

Sublimotion is a show created to thrill all 5 senses, an experiential journey unlike anything else you have experienced before ... A total immersion in the creative process of the Chef and his team, that will transport you to a new and surprising scenario.

In Sublimotion, 12 guests gather around the same table to taste a menu during 3 hours. 25 professionals will be working so that the client enjoys through the palate and the rest of the senses.

For 2017 Paco Roncero has assembled a kitchen team formed by the chefs Dani Garcia, Diego Guerrero, Toño Pérez and the pastry chef Paco Torreblanca, forming a team with 8 Michelin stars.

The musical direction will be in charge of Alfonso G. Aguilar, composer of soundtracks with a long history in Los Angeles, who will design a musical repertoire that intensifies the emotions and awakens high-gastronomy to the diners.

Jorge Blass, the most international Spanish illusionist, will bring all his knowledge and experience to surprise and get the audience excited and ready to enjoy with all their senses.

In the field of visual arts, illustrator Juan Carlos Paz "Bakea" brings a sweet edible story told through one of his appetizing characters ... A gastronomic scene as novel as exciting, that unites for the first time two major disciplines: illustration and baking. This original combination will have extra ingredients: a choreographed service, an overhead projection and a soundtrack.

DJ and music producer Wally Lopez will bring the essence of the night in Ibiza to a show that does not forget that this island is part of its origin. It will recreate the islands night scene by intertwining the sound prism of electronic music with high gastronomy.

Undoubtedly, this year’s new experience will be the most “Sublimotion” of all. The combination of augmented and virtual reality applied to gastronomy, radical changes of scenery that will allow us to leap into the more avant-garde future or submerge us in the cabaret of the early 20th century...

Sublimotion awaits you in Ibiza.