Ibiza is already full! Not just only people, events too. My agenda is full and I love it!

A few days ago the restaurant VI COOL IBIZA by Sergi Arola inaugurated a new season. Chef Sergi Arola currently owns a Michelin star, in recognition of his way of interpreting and elaborating traditional Spanish cuisine in LAB, his restaurant in the town of Sintra. Mr Arola was born in Barcelona. He started working on the team of Ferran Adrià in the restaurant El Bulli, to now run his own restaurants around the world in cities like Lisbon, Paris and Sao Paulo.

VI COOL is located in the Hotel Aguas de Ibiza and on Saturday managed to gather over 500 people who didn’t want to miss the reopening of this famous place. The guests could taste some of the new features of their new menu.

Sergi Arola, who accompanied the guests throughout the night and shared the novelties of his philosophy of cooking, said that his final claim is “to make trendy again traditional tastes with his personal style, but not forgetting the essence." So, the traditional re-interpreted tapas of patatas bravas, the mini squid sandwiches on black bread or the tuna tartar, caught the attention of everyone. The guests recognized and valued the technique that seeks to recover the best products with a personal touch, "without disguising its essence ".

Chef Sergi Arola delights in his space at Hotel Aguas de Ibiza with a complete menu where all the flavors of Spain and the Mediterranean can be found. Among the most original and appetizing tapas are:  the Iberian secret carpaccio with Idiazábal oil, piparra, Parmesan and Granny Smith or the tuna tartar with wasabi and aji mayonnaise, avocado and tobiko roe.

Arola's salads are always a dish to go for and the restaurant reinvents them this season with new and varied ingredients.

Another plate that stand out on the menu, because its singular elaboration is the chicken wings with kimchi sauce and Chinese chives. A culinary selection that is complemented by a careful selection of wines chosen by its own sommelier. VI COOL has also an extensive cocktail list that, faithful to its style, surprises and delights because of the exceptional combinations. Stop by and try the Ibiza Sling, Romero and Juliet or the Atomic Gin. All of the above reasons turn this restaurant into the perfect place for a simple and informal meal, full of intense flavors, enjoyed in good company in one of the most emblematic places of the island.

In addition to the restaurant, for the cocktail-lovers, there is also the Vi Cool Cocktail Bar. Located on the roof of the hotel and with exceptional views of the bay of Santa Eulària. This space blends innovative styles, boat decoration with other more local elements such as ceramic tiles on Huguet style floor. It is an ideal space to enjoy the sea breeze savoring an exquisite cocktail .

The terrace opens its doors uninterruptedly from 12,00 pm to 2,00 am. The restaurant's schedule is from 19.30 to 1.00 h.Who can resist the offer of leisure that Ibiza offers?