Getting around Ibiza in a luxury and sustainable vehicle is possible!

Do you imagine driving around Ibiza in a luxury car that is a hybrid? Don’t imagine it anymore! The first Porsche Cayenne S-EHybrid has landed on the island!

A few days ago the rent-a-car company Luxury Green Cars, presented to more than 100 people, the first high-end vehicles 100% hybrid of Porsche brand.This event took place in the art gallery P | Art Ibiza.

This is the most innovative model of the Cayenne family. A hybrid that doesn’t lack dynamism, since it is capable of reaching 245 kilometers per hour and suitable for all occasions. Its autonomy, up to 38 kilometers, makes it perfect for Ibiza. There are already several points to recharge the car and after two and a half hours it is recharged and prepared to continue discovering the island.

Each Porsche E-Hybrid model has 5 driving states: electric driving, combustion engine driving, boost driving, gliding and recovery, which are automatically activated as required. This way, this concept of future-oriented traction unleashes its full potential in any situation.

Its precise lines of design make it very clear: it is a sports car with character. The sporty proportions of the sides accentuate its dynamics, as well as the particular aesthetics of the tires. This impression is confirmed by the daytime running lights with four standard LEDs, the rear LED lights and the exhaust pipe.

A brand that has always tried and managed to distance itself from the rest, now responds to the demand of Ibiza's most demanding drivers who are seeking to match their two passions: sportiness and the future.

 Touring the island and doing it in an ecological way is another handicap to visit us. What are you waiting for? There is still a lot of summer to enjoy!! Contact Ibiza Luxury Travel now!