Guess who's anniversary it is? Pacha Ibiza! the most popular disco of the island is going to celebrate its 50 anniversary. During this summer this special birthday is going to be celebrated in the different placesthat the group has on the island.

The brand of the cherries is undoubtedly a star in Ibiza. it has been pioneering, for five decades, the nightlife on this island and crossing borders to the rhythm of the music of the moment. This anniversary is the essence of "the two cherries" and represents the passion of the brand for fun.


Last 7th August, more than 3,000 people celebrated the 50th anniversary of Pacha Ibiza in Destino Ibiza. For the first time in Spain, you could see the concert "Ibiza Classics" with Pete Tong and The Heritage Orchestra. The legendary producer and Dj of the BBC played before a committed audience all the classics of the dance music that have been playing on Ibiza the last 20 years, along with an orchestra composed by 65 musicians and directedby Jules Buckley. As Pete Tong said, with this show he wanted to pay homage to the place where his story began: Ibiza.

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A date in which you could see familiar faces from the world of fashion, music or architecture, DJs and producers like David Guetta and Bob Sinclair, the actresses Juana Acosta and Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, stylist Pelayo Díaz, entrepreneur Kike Sarasola, Roberto Mehri, models like Lorena Van Heerde or former AC Milan president Adriano Galliani. And the creator or Pacha Disco, Ricardo Urgell.


The heritage Orchestra, who has collaborated with artists such as Massive Attack or Bjork, among many others, performed the founding successes of electronic music like Strings of Life (Derrick May), Knights of the Jaguar (Suburban Knight), Belfast (Orbital), Insomnia (Faithless), Pjanoo (Eric Prydz) Your Love (Frankie Knuckles) or Good Life (Inner City) for the first time in the place where it was inspired. A unique night, in a magical place: Destino Ibiza, located in a privileged enclave by the sea, overlooking Ibiza and Formentera. The perfect place for the union of classical music and the most iconic dance themes in history.


The music was not the only attraction of a night, as the evening didn't lack of entertaiment, shows and good atmosphere.

On Monday August 14, also parte of the events of this 50th anniversary, an extraordinary edition of their "Flower Power" party was held. The most intergenerational meeting of the whole island and that best represents the free and cosmopolitan spirit of Ibiza. For the first time on the island The Blues Brothers made a performance. the legendary North American band put the soundtrack to this "Flower Power", the festival dedicated to the musical culture of the 60's that sprends free spirit, enthusiasm and creativity and that made the island famous.

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Pacha has has the ability to communicate in a shocking way to several generations, becoming an intergenerational brand. At presents, it offers and unequaled lifestyle that is present in sectors such as nightlife, hospitality, fashion, fragances or multimedia content.

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Pacha celebrates 50 years of shared stories and unforgettable moments coveying and attitude always young and fresh that invites to the "Forever Young". HAPPY BIRTHDAY! For another 50 years.